From the creation of, along with collaboration with neighborhood leaders, a need to develop a visual brand for the Dutchtown neighborhood became apparent.

Dutchtown Proud yard sign
Dutchtown Proud yard sign.

The Dutchtown brand is derived from references to the Bavarian and German flags, signifying the German history of the neighborhood while paving a shining path to the future. The local historic architecture is incorporated into the branding as well.

Type sample of fonts used in Dutchtown branding.

The typefaces used in neighborhood materials was chosen to be highly versatile in a multitude of roles. Type can impart a serious, firm tone in official communications, a strong and steadfast image on yard signs, or an inviting and playful feeling on flyers for youth-oriented events.

As the Dutchtown neighborhood works to become more visible and relevant, the brand is flexible enough to meet new needs as they arise.