Disco Volante and My Descent into Swedish Punk Rock

Another reason I started this page back up was to assemble and archive some music and videos in case they disappear of the internet. A handful of Disco Volante videos have already vanished from YouTube, so these are the ones still around for now.

Refused was my first foray into Swedish punk-type music (or probably actually Millencolin, but they were more of a ska band when I first heard them). But happening upon a Disco Volante album on a Blogspot page for stealing music, and around the same time seeing Vånna Inget at El Leñador, sent me down a rabbit hole where I came across other great bands like Masshysteri, Terrible Feelings, Allvaret, Gamla Pengar, Sju Svåra År, amongst others.

There’s a couple more Disco Volante videos after the jump, and I’m going to post some stuff from the other bands listed eventually.


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