Disco Volante and My Descent into Swedish Punk Rock

Another reason I started this page back up was to assemble and archive some music and videos in case they disappear of the internet. A handful of Disco Volante videos have already vanished from YouTube, so these are the ones still around for now.

Refused was my first foray into Swedish punk-type music (or probably actually Millencolin, but they were more of a ska band when I first heard them). But happening upon a Disco Volante album on a Blogspot page for stealing music, and around the same time seeing Vånna Inget at El Leñador, sent me down a rabbit hole where I came across other great bands like Masshysteri, Terrible Feelings, Allvaret, Gamla Pengar, Sju Svåra År, amongst others.

There’s a couple more Disco Volante videos after the jump, and I’m going to post some stuff from the other bands listed eventually.

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1993 Honda Accord EX

Just reestablishing my site so I can share these recently uncovered photos of my beloved ’93 Accord.

1993 Honda Accord EX

This was the second of three Accords I’ve had. It was just over of 265,000 rough miles when I traded it along with $130 for a ’93 Nissan pickup that lasted me a few years, probably the best deal I’ll ever make in my life.

1993 Honda Accord EX

But coming across these pictures really makes me want another 4th generation Accord.

1993 Honda Accord EX1993 Honda Accord EX 1993 Honda Accord EX 1993 Honda Accord EX