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My name is Nick. I live in St. Louis, Missouri.

By day, I’m currently an auditor and analyst for the St. Louis Collector of Revenue. I examine data to find people who haven’t paid their taxes, and then I try to track them down and get them to pay. People get mad at me, but I’m nice and I calm them down. I’ve held several other positions in the Collector’s office. It’s a lot of customer service and a lot of digging for details.

Before I worked for the City of St. Louis, I spent a long time in the service industry—bartending, cooking, delivering pizza, and so on. I also worked in retail at a grocery store. All fine jobs, but I generally prefer regular hours and a steady paycheck as I get older.

In my free time, I love to build websites and design things. Most of those efforts are for the benefit of my Dutchtown neighborhood, but I dabble with other projects too. You can take a look at my portfolio if you like.

I also do social media for the neighborhood, and I recently started an online shop, Independent City, where I sell St. Louis-centric apparel that I design.

When I’m not building or designing or online communicating for Dutchtown, I like to get out and spend time with my neighbors and try to engage more members of the community in person.

I’ve been married just over a year. My wife has two dogs and I have four cats. We enjoy visiting our favorite restaurants, breweries, and watering holes together.

I love to barbecue. I’ve almost perfected my brisket. I have six grills in my yard, all with their own special purpose. My wife doesn’t like that.

Would you like to know anything else about me? Just ask.